Ramenapp is a website where you can check out the best laptops pcs, tablets, speakers, home theaters, TVs and more electronics. From research and personal use/ experience, we compile a list of best electronics you can buy in the USA. For that reason, our buying guide is conclusive.

We present the information in a user friendly way, precise, simple to understand and to the point. This ensures that you can easily, learn about the features, benefits and disadvantages of the electronics you want to buy.

Note: Many users have requested that we write more on other categories, so that is what we’ll do.

How We Started

As a tech guy, a lot of people were asking me about the electronics (mostly laptops and tablets) they can buy. So, I figured out that I can just create a website and write my recommendations.

So I looked for 5 other people with various experience and knowledge on tech reviews and came up with ramenapp

The Team

To bring in diversity in reviews, specifications and buying guides, the team has various experiences in various fields.

Here at Best Mamba, we have a team of 5 dedicated individuals who are good at what they do.

Process of Recommending the Best Electronics (Laptops, Tablets, Phones, TVS etc.)

As stated earlier, the team does a lot of research every day to recommend the best electronics to buy.

Finding the best possible hardware configuration at each price point for electronics is what we do. The build quality, durability, performance and materials are vetted.