Best Laptop for Game Design

Best Laptop for Game Design – Once you’ve determined your scope of game coding and the minimum requirements for starting, the subsequent steps are quite easy. However, your purchase goal should be that laptop with at least some little higher specifications above your game developing tendencies


This keeps you on the safer side, and you don’t have to worry about your laptop not eventually meeting up. Remember, the specifications in the laptop you buy should be firstly determined by your activity tendencies. You’ll definitely find a laptop within your range of requirements.

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We have made sure that the laptops that we have listed will offer the best possible game development experience at various price points. These machines work for both, professional developers and students pursuing a game designing/development major. Choose the perfect machine based on your requirements and budget!

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1.ASUS ZenBook


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2.Lenovo Legion


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3.MSI P65


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5.Microsoft Surface


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6.HP – Spectre


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7.Razer Blade


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8.Gigabyte AERO


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9.Acer Predator Helios


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Best Laptop for Game Design – BUYER’S GUIDE

Laptop Pricing:-

This is definitely one of the most important factors that could ultimately influence your choice of game developing laptop. There are different products, with different prices on the market, and there are definitely different potential users with their various budgets and spending capacities.

Every game developer is therefore expected to decide on how many financial investments that they are ready and able to make on this important work tool.

Note that you can get an efficient game developing laptop for a medium price, and you don’t even have to think of breaking the bank before you get a good product.

Once you’ve decided on the amount you’re ready to spend, you can go on to make a choice from the best laptops in this price category. Not deciding on a price before time, only leaves the intending buyer torn between options, which could result in an unreasonable period of indecision.


The processor on your computer is very important in the processing of your game developing activities. You should ideally go for the processor that is able to efficiently and conveniently carry out all your coding and programming, without going up in flames.

Remember that, the more efficient your laptop processor is, the better the type of game development jobs you’re able to execute.

Some of the best processors for these types of activities are the high-performance new generation Intel core processors and some Ryzen AMD processor versions. Usually, heavy game tendencies require a corresponding good processor for the processes. Now, the higher the processor capacity, the higher the pricing.

Thus if you’ve decided on your game development tendencies, it is possible to get a medium processor at a lower cost, and not go for a higher processor that is not necessarily needed.

Some of the common processors for game development are the i7 7700HQ, and the i7 6700HQ. However, there are other reasonable options to choose from too.

GPU Specifications:-

There are quite a number of options available that could work pretty well, but it is good you go for only the best option- and depending on your gaming tendencies.

Note that game developments are usually inclined to have high GPU requirements, but don’t let this scare you just yet. Some laptops may come with the graphics card attached to the CPU, and this may be a valid option for people on a relatively low budget.

However, various GeForce NVIDIA GTX discreet CPUs have shown the high-level significance for game development. The advantage of using NVIDIA inputs is the fact that they allow the user to some level of use exploration.

This means that you can run a different game framework, without much of an accompanying hitch. In fact, some discreet NVIDIA GPUs like the GTX 1050 Ti, allows you to run games on high settings, with a corresponding virtual reality or 4k display.

Thus, in essence, choosing the laptop with the best GPU also depends on your activity levels and inclinations.

Type Of Storage:-

When thinking of the best laptop for game development, then you ideally should be thinking of the solid-state drive (SSD) storage format, and not the regular laptop hard disk drive facility.

This is because SSD storage is known to facilitate speedy data access and use tendencies, which is a pivotal requirement in gaming. Asides from this, it is more convenient, produces lesser noise when in use, and is way long-lasting than the other options.

This does not mean that there are no still functional HDD facilities that would thrive well. For instance, the 7200RPM HDD would serve well for some lighter game development activities.

Another possibility is having both of an HDD and SSD storage provisions on the same laptop. While SSD takes care of data that must be accessed frequently and quickly, the HDD stores essential residual data that do not need speedy recalling.

Battery life:-

Getting a laptop with good battery life is key for most developers. If you go for a laptop option with low-battery life tendencies, there are the possibilities of having disruptions in your game development activities- which could affect some of the fundamental processes of your work.

Settling for a laptop with a good battery is even important, for developers with restricted access to charging power. When making the choices, let this factor come as one of the most important.

Screen size and Resolution:-

Choosing the right screen size is also germane in the selection. Game development on your laptop requires a pixel resolution that should not be ideally less than 1080p resolution.

Find the right screen size with the best resolution that fits your game development roadmap. IPS displays are not that bad, and you could have a remarkable experience using a laptop with such a feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good laptop for game development?

Not all high-end laptops are good. A game development laptop should have at least 16GB RAM, 512GB storage, a Core i7/i9 processor with a 2/4GB GPU. And it should also have a great display with a minimum resolution of 1080p and it has to be color accurate with low response time and higher refresh rate.

How much RAM do I need for game development?

A laptop used for game development should have a lot of features and the first one is being the amount of RAM. It should have a minimum of 16GB RAM. However, it is recommended to use a laptop with 32GB RAM for the best experience.

Are gaming laptops good for game development?

Not all gaming laptops are good for game development. However, a majority of gaming laptops are highly suitable for the majority of the development tasks, as these laptops come with some of the best CPU and GPU with a higher amount of RAM and flash-based storage solutions.

How much storage a gaming laptop should have?

A gaming laptop should have a minimum of 512GB of storage. Make sure that the laptop uses flash-based storage and not HDD based storage. And it is also recommended to get a laptop with 1TB storage, which will be useful for future requirements.

Can MacBooks be used for game development?

Yes, one can develop a game using a high-end Apple MacBook. In fact, Apple recently launched its first 16-inch MacBook Pro, which is one of the best machines on our list. Also, it costs similar to the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Can laptops with Core i5 Processors be used for game development?

No, because of the hardware and performance limitations of the Core-i5 processor, it is advised to use a laptop with at least a Core-i7 processor or above for developing games. In theory, one can even use an entry-level machine for game development, but, it will hinder the overall performance and will take ages to develop a game.

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We all know the speed and power of laptops from Alienware, but how do laptops stack up in terms of actually developing a game on them? So, we can assume that laptops like this are good for several things.